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Welcome to our WPX Web Hosting Review

As promised, I’ll try not to give you generic and unnecessary information in my reviews, so here we go:

Trustpilot Score

3,218  •  Excellent
TrustScore 5 out of 5


Why consider WPX?

No matter if you’re a beginner or experienced in the web hosting field, you will notice one thing that differs WPX from other web hosting providers – they offer just one type – WordPress Hosting.
If you’ve already done some other research before you landed on my review, you’ve probably noticed that most of the other providers offer a few more types like Shared, VPS, or Dedicated Web Hosting.
All these types have their pros and cons, most of which are support, performance, and, of course, price.

In my opinion, there is no wonder why WPX is famous for one of the best customer support currently on the market.
When you have many services, it’s harder to focus on all of their abilities. The WPX gurus guarantee a 30-second average support response and they keep proving it.

Jason, Singapore
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The WPX team provides excellent and prompt support, as most have stated. I spoke with Denis, and he patiently answered each of my questions and resolved my issues almost immediately. The best online support I've ever received.
Nicholas Okonkwo, US
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Excellent customer service. These guys are the ultimate best hosting company in the world. Their response time is less than 5 seconds at any time of the day or night. Something you'll not find anywhere else. I will always host my website with WPX. You should too if you're looking for superior service.
Natalie, CA
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These are wonderful folks. The 24/7 support is really appreciated a lot. They are always available to help when I have a problem. My different sites load very quickly as well. Highly reccomended.

Uncompromised Speed

One more crucial thing that would make me choose a specific web hosting provider is definitely SPEED, and they don’t step back here as well. In fact, WPX won all global speed-tested categories in independent testing 2022.

They include something very important in all of their plans, which is the CDN (Content Delivery Network). But they built something even better and they call it XDN (eXceptional Delivery Network).


Not sure what CDN is? They explain it here:

CDN is like having a server near any of your site visitors to help load and run your website faster and more efficiently for them, even for visitors from the other side of the world.

For example, let’s say that you’re a nature photography blogger based in Montana, USA, and your website is hosted with WPX in our Chicago datacentre. That site will load well across North America but nature lovers visiting your blog from Australia, Europe, Asia, and Africa will find that your website is slow to load for them.

This is because your blog’s content (images and text mainly) is being retrieved from one of our Chicago servers and sent across the world to visitors outside the USA.

Instead, our CDN (XDN) has already copied your popular content to servers worldwide to benefit your far-away site visitors. So whether your visitors are from Berlin, Sydney, Johannesburg, or Tokyo, they’ll see your blog content from a fast local XDN end-point and not from the other side of the world.

Using our XDN, the speed increase for site visitors around the world is dramatic.


Another thing that’s important and bothers most of the people who just want to start their own website – the price.

As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, this is not the cheapest type of web hosting, but the WPX’s WordPress Hosting is one of the cheapest among its competitors. Let me explain in a few words.

If you’re looking for the cheapest option and if you just plan to make a website that won’t have many visitors, or you don’t need speed, then you might want to go for Shared Hosting (sharing the same resources with other users) at one of the WPX competitors. I’m about to write other reviews to point out which are the best options you could consider.

And, here comes something that you won’t see everywhere.

The WPX’s most basic plan – BUSINESS, has all the features of the other plans, plus you can have Up to 5 Websites! I mean for just $20.83/month you can host 5 completely different projects and still have the same speed and support for all of them. I think that’s incredible and to be honest, haven’t seen it elsewhere. And please don’t get me wrong, that’s definitely not a “basic plan”. It has the great features of the other PROFESSIONAL (up to 15 Websites) and ELITE (up to 35 Websites) plans.

Of course, if you plan to build a huge project, you can always switch to some of the other plans at some point. I just think this is enough for most people. Another plus is that you receive 2 months free on a yearly purchase. And of course, you have the 30-day money-back guarantee.


One more thing that stole my heart was something that they do since 2013, which no other web hosting company (as far as I know) does:

WPX sponsors & manages their own no-cage, open-yard animal shelter!

You can see more about it on the bottom of WPX’s main page.


Let’s make a summary of all the important features of WPX Web Hosting:


What’s FREE:

  • FREE Site Speed Optimization
  • FREE Site Migration To WPX Within 24 Hours
  • FREE Lightning Fast CDN (Content Delivery Network) – their own so-called and improved XDN
  • FREE Malware Detection & Removal
  • FREE Fixes If Your Site Goes Offline

The value for money you get with WPX:


What makes WPX one of the fastest

Location point icon

3 Data Center locations

Globe icon

37+ XDN points worldwide

Free speed optimization icon

Free Speed optimizations

Space ship icon

Ultra-fast servers

Final words

I’ll try not to get too emotional as I plan to review other web hosting providers, but I just can’t hide that they grew up as one of my favorites in the field so far.

You can have every additional information you need by visiting their website and even live chat with some of their support agents before you even register.

Hope to see you soon at some of the other reviews I’m about to write!

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